Saturday, 23 March 2013

Yay it's FNSI time again

I've been looking forward to FNSI all week.
Deadlines past, all pressure off, just relaxing & enjoying sewing, maybe starting a new project.
Then I arrived home from work, fealing rather weary, curled up on the couch & promptly forrgot it was finally sew-in night. That is untill I stumbled accross it while looking at other stuff on-line. ('round about 9:30pm)
Would you believe it? I suddenly had all my energy back! :)
I jumped up, rummaged through some bits and pieces & came up with some scraps / spares from another project. I started sewing them together & with a touch of ironing & a teeny bit of trimming, here's what I came up with....
Now I just need to a) decide on a background, b) decide on a layout & c) decide what splashes of colour to add. Still, not to bad for only an hour or two.
I'm deffinatly feeling an asian vibe though. Yippee! I love Asian style quilts.
Only thing is I didn't use any orange scraps... so no double duty this time & time's running out for the rainbow scrappy.

Then I thought 'maybe I should be responsable & do something from my To-do list', so I sewed on the label for my AQC Challenge quilt.
Just have to sew on the hanging sleve and it's ready to be sent.
I did also design a new quilt, an exercise for me in piecing, earlier this evening. It's not, strictly speaking, sewing, but it still counts, doesn't it?
The colours above were just so I could see the design, I'm thinking of maybe doing it browns & blues?? not sure, will have to look through the stash.
Well that's my Friday night (and into Saturday morning). Looking forward to seeing everyone elses.
And for those of you who're wondering what FNSI is? Head on over to Hedi's Handmade.


  1. Really cool, can't wait to see what you do with it!

  2. In those colours it would make a great Christmas quilt.

    1. LOL! the blocks were a few I borrowed from a christmas quilt I was planning. the were originally 3" blocks with just the red green and cream. I decided I needed a bit more practice before I atempted something that small so I picked out a couple, Made them 9" and added some variation in colour for more depth. Still hope to do the christmas quilt eventually.

  3. looks like you had a fantastic Fri Night SEw In with great results!

  4. ooh, lovely - am a recent convert to batiks ;-) thanks for leaving a comment on my blog