Finished Projects

This is where I will share all my finished projects, past pressent & future.  Hope you enjoy.

More coming soon!

Completed 2012 -

This is the year I really started doing a lot more with my quilting, & I'm really pleased with a lot of the results.
A3 - 420cm x 300cm


Created for the Victorian Quilter's Inc. - Four Seasons Challenge.
My season was Spring & the fabric I was given was the Mustard colour seen in the Spring Sprite's costume. The challenge I found was how to incorporate a colour I usually associate with autumn or summer into a spring theme, particularly when I'm an autumn girl myself?
I got to thinking about the new life and growth that comes with spring, and the celebrations & festivals rejoicing in that new life. It brought me back to one of my favorite visuals, the colour & spectical of 'Carnevale'. The Venetians masks and costumes are beyond compare & realy embrace the feeling of celebration and life.
So here we have a young Spring Sprite on her way to celebrate Carnevale!  
I had so much fun with this challenge!
Even more fun though was finding out that my mother's entry (which was Autumn) placed second, & mine placed FIRST! yippee! how's that for some family competition! :) It also provided me with my first, very own, sewing machine. Thank you PHAFF! (till now I had my mothers 20yr old janome on indifinate loan)  

aprox. 12" x 24"

Outback Dreaming

 more on this one coming soon

Completed 2011 -

aprox. 60cm x 90cm

Winter Forest

This was just for fun! An experiment, if you will, testing out a new technique.
I was so happy with how it came out I decided to enter it into our state quilt show the following year. The SA Quilter's Guild - 2012 Festival of quilts.
To my shock it acctually won first prize in the ameture art quilt section.

Completed 2010 -


View From the Heights

Created for the 'Let Out Your Inner Animal' challenge in Quilting Arts magazine. Chosen as a finalist & published in the April/May 2010 vol.44 magazine. I think pg.74.
Materials & Methods; Pieced cotton fabric, painted with Shiva Sticks, Thread Painted over trapped wool fibers, Thread painted embelishments & a wet felted Goat. 

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