Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Still Madly Creating!!!

Thanks to all who posted on my FNSI, I too am looking forward to seeing the results.
I've got lots to post on how it's been going but it'll have to wait till after friday if I'm to have any chance of finishing it before then.... the posability is getting smaller & smaller but I'm still determined to try.
Gotta head of to class now so I'll leave you with this small teaser...
...Part of the foreground....
Hope to have good news soon.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Creative madness ??? (Friday Night Sew In)

I started a new project.
I measuerd the craft table and discovered I would, once again, have to take over the dinning room as I needed a larger work area.
I cleared the table, set up another alongside and prepared my work space.
I laid out my tools and matarials, streached out my 'canvas' and admired how organised and exciting it looked.
I then took a deep breath, tried to figure out where to start, and....... sat down with a cup of tea!
That big bit of white expanse can be awfully intimidating.
After my tea, & another deep breath, I jumped in and filled the space with folded FQ's (fat quaters) in an attempt to work out which fabrics to use where.
1/2 hour later....

Now I know which fabrics.... how to proceed next????
Another cup of tea!
Back to work, but my canvas is covered! So I reorganise my fabrics to give me space to work.....
.....and start cutting fabric.
A few hours (and cups of tea) later.....
...a couple more cups of tea (and hours), & the background is all laid out.

It's 11pm and bed time for me.
Tomorow I just have to figure out how to sew it all down.
Then I need to create all the foreground pieces. I have one week to finish this project, in between balancing it with my studies. Madness I know!
I'll keep you updated on the progress.
Wish me luck!

Friday, 22 February 2013

New Addition

Another week's gone by already. Boy was that fast!
I've started tafe, re-aranged my schedule a couple times, joined the Woodpatch Quilters at woodside and welcomed a new member of the family. A little girl with big eyes and floppy ears who we've called Sienna. She's adorable!

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Introducing one more Artist.....

Hi, let me introduce myself..... I'm Roxanne Murphy and this is my first ever blog.
It's intended to be an exercise in dicipline ( I hope to post about once a week), a place to explore the inspirations and frustrations of life.... and mostly a chance to share my work with others. The succeses and the learning opportunities, after all, there's no real failures in art... is there? Just new opportunities to explore and create.
As a taste of what's to come, here's the piece that launched me into the world of textiles and art quilting!

Titled - View from the Heights, size 8"x11"
Created for a challenge back in Feb 2010, in Quilting Arts magazine, this was my first ever art quilt. To my supprise it was chosen as a finalist and published in the magazine. (

I've been experimenting with art quilting and textiles ever since.

I hope you enjoy what's to come and maybe I can help to inspire other artists to explore, play and just have fun!

Roxanne Murphy