Friday, 29 March 2013

Easter goodies

Saw the parents off on their easter holiday. Visited the nieces & nefews with goodies before they before they left on theirs & got a hug from my brother (he gives really good hugs).
Now it's just my sister, CJ, and myself, all alone, for the whole weeked! What will we do with ourselves? The mind begins to plot... hehehe (insert wicked laugh.)
Fortunatly there was a nice little easter bonus in my pay this week so I splurged & bought myself some easter goodies too.

Just working out the pattern pieces fo the design & will be quilting shortly. CJ found herself some yarn we thinks perfect for another project and with the stack of videos hired from the local store (ans the rest of the family gone) we're all set for a weekend of....
Quilting, Crochet & ANIME!
Unfortunatly the reason I stayed home is to get top of some study & assignments so I'll also have to fit them somewhere. Darn you higher education! Oh well like good ole Scarlett says, I'll think about it tomorrow.
In some other good news I farwelled my AQC challenge quilt off on it's travels this week. I look forward to seeing it again when it tours our lovely state of South Australia. For those of you who'd like to get in & see it before me, and all the other stunning quilts in the challenge, you can view them at the AQC Show in Melbourne, April 18-21st. The AQC challenge quilts will also be touring the other states through the year.
Happy Easter to everyone!
May God bless you all & have a great weekend.

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