Sunday, 14 April 2013

AQC Quilts on display - Including mine!

The Australasian Quilt Convention is on in Melbourne this coming weekend, 18th-21st April, so if you're around drop in and take a look at all the quilts on display. There are some fantastic travelling exhibits for show & of course the 2013 AQC Challenge 'FREE'.
Including my quilt 'Dancing Free'
Artist Statement:
When I throw off the anxieties which enshroud me,
and let them fly free,
I can embrace the joy of dancing in the light.
For those who (like me) are stuck interstate, or overseas, you can view all the quilts here online.
I've also added a couple of quilts to my Finished Projects page.
I'm slowly catching up to this year's projects.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

March NewFO

Catch all the great new projects at Cat Patches March NewFO!
Another month gone by and a few new projects started.
(though not as many as I'd hoped... do study projects count?)
I started (and finished) a contemporary art quilt & sent in the application form for the Wangeratta Contemorary Textile Show.  You can catch a few glimpses in my other posts, but here's one more.

A Detail Close up of 'Syergy'

I also sort of started my 'Doors' project... I've chosen the first 'Door' to make & gone through my stash to see what I have for it. That counts doesn't it??

In other starts I spoiled myself to some 'easter fabric' & started a new pieced quilt. I usually make art quilts and not a lot of them involve intricate piecing (see above), so I thought this would be a good time to practice. A little challenge to my self. Of course, me being me, I couldn't just find a nice little pattern to follow, I had to design one myself! I do like a challenge. (you can bet if I ever build a house, it won't be off a plan, I'm forever fiddling with 'grand' idea's)
I got a lot further than I thought I would & now I just need to work out the borders.
From this.... this
There was one more 'thing' I started for FNSI. It was last minute impromptu using scraps from another project & I'm not exactly sure what it's trying to be yet. I'm waiting to see what it turns into. :)
Soooo..... The NewFO count for this month.... 4!... not too bad after all.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

March To-Do List

Ooops, a day late. I'ts been a busy easter.
Better late than never....  My March to-do List.
Check out all the others at Pig Tales & Quilts.
  1. Contempory Quilt - Wangeratta Show due 22 March
    Bridge Design Abstract Texture Design

    DONE! & application sent off.

Miyoko's inspecting the work for me.... and on the right - a detail
2.Start Blocks for Moroccan Quilt - NOT DONE
Decided to try my hand at something a little simpler first.
Lots of fun! but these are 9" blocks. Think I might go back and redesign my Moroccan quilt with larger blocks. (1" triangle's sound much better than 1/4")
3.Sort & Organise Bags & Bags of scraps - STARTED
4.Scrappy Rainbow blog hop - Not DONE....
Darn! just not enough hours in the month!
5.Start Doors for Quilt - Sort of Done
Have chosen 1st Door to do.
Was going to also be for Orange Rainbow Scrappy but had to study for a maths test instead.
6.POST AQC Quilt!!!!!!!!! :) - DONE, DONE, DONE! YAY!
I'd say that come out at about 50%?..... oh well, maybe I'll have better luck this month. Or a more realistic To-Do List? - Nah! where's the fun in that?!