Saturday, 30 March 2013

A Good Fri Day's Work

Well, I'm nicely tired and falling asleep while I post this, but it's a good tired. I'm feeling very satisfied and Happy! So I'll share what I accomplished today.
I drew up & printed the pattern (ie. pice sizes etc.) for two of the four different blocks making up my quilt design, and selected the fabrics to use.
I got a little nervous at this point (as I do at the begining of every new project)  and proceeded to phone my sister for a 1/2hr chat.
Then I got stuck into the cutting, sewing & pressing...
Quite a few hours latter & I'm ready to start assembling the block sections....
... and then the first 2 blocks.
What a wonderfull feeling when the first block(s) come together.
The next 6 are also ready to start assembling...

Not bad for a day's work, I think - a bit slow since I haven't done a lot of pieceing for a while but still a very satisfying feeling. I'm very pleased with the results so far. Just 7 more blocks to go after these 6 and it'll be ready for borders! (I have a sneaking susspicion it won't be finnished this weekend.)