Sunday, 3 March 2013

Quilting Aftermath!

Aftermaths, finished projects & To-do Lists
Missed church today so I could pick dad up from the airport. He's back home after working up in Cairns for the week. Poor thing was bitten by sand flies at the beginnig of the week & is still itching.
In the meantime I was cleaning up after the marathon quilting session last week.
Here's some of the aftermath...
Thinking back on what else I started in Feb (2013NewFO)
I came up with two more projects which I finished mid Feb for a quilt challenge in France.
Quilt en Sud is a French/Spanish quilting group who have a biennial quilt & textile show with a challenge open to international quilters.
This years challenge was 'The White Line' - size and interpretation of theme open to the imagination. Below (left) is 'Serenty's Pathways". 
Also part of the show is a 'textile game' in which we had to design and make a reticule (regency style purse).  My inspiration was a regency tea set I saw. Odd I know, but I liked the shape & it was a fun challenge to turn it into a purse. I used indan batik's and vintage sari embelishments. India meet Regency!
Now to my March to-do List
  1.  Contempory Quilt - Wangeratta Show due 22 March
     Bridge Design
  2. Start Blocks for Moroccan Quilt
  3. Sort & Organise Bags & Bags of scraps
  4. Scrappy Rainbow blog hop
  5. Start Doors for Quilt
It'll be a good challenge to see if I can actually start all these. Having somewhere to report to will hopefully help. Check back at Pig Tales & Quilts to see how I go, and check out many other to-do lists.

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  1. Wow, that is an impressive To Do List! Good luck on your finishes!

    and thank you for the awesome shout out for the Monthly To Do List Party! :)