Wednesday, 3 April 2013

March NewFO

Catch all the great new projects at Cat Patches March NewFO!
Another month gone by and a few new projects started.
(though not as many as I'd hoped... do study projects count?)
I started (and finished) a contemporary art quilt & sent in the application form for the Wangeratta Contemorary Textile Show.  You can catch a few glimpses in my other posts, but here's one more.

A Detail Close up of 'Syergy'

I also sort of started my 'Doors' project... I've chosen the first 'Door' to make & gone through my stash to see what I have for it. That counts doesn't it??

In other starts I spoiled myself to some 'easter fabric' & started a new pieced quilt. I usually make art quilts and not a lot of them involve intricate piecing (see above), so I thought this would be a good time to practice. A little challenge to my self. Of course, me being me, I couldn't just find a nice little pattern to follow, I had to design one myself! I do like a challenge. (you can bet if I ever build a house, it won't be off a plan, I'm forever fiddling with 'grand' idea's)
I got a lot further than I thought I would & now I just need to work out the borders.
From this.... this
There was one more 'thing' I started for FNSI. It was last minute impromptu using scraps from another project & I'm not exactly sure what it's trying to be yet. I'm waiting to see what it turns into. :)
Soooo..... The NewFO count for this month.... 4!... not too bad after all.


  1. These are beautiful projects! Thanks for linking up!

  2. Wow Roxanne, the quilt you designed is amazing. So intricate. It looks great.